Lidocaine Candle
Lidocaine Candle
Lidocaine Candle
Lidocaine Candle
Lidocaine Candle
Lidocaine Candle

Lidocaine Candle

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For humans who need some numbing. 




Do you need a little numbing? Burn this lidocaine candle and let your worries float away.

Lidocaine Candle Ingredients

The active ingredient is obtundity. If you’ve never needed a little obtundity, well, lucky you. 

Inactive ingredients include:

  • Magnolia
  • Tuberose
  • Sweet vanilla
  • Soft, woody notes

We use only the finest ingredients available for our candles. The lidocaine candle is a 10 oz. blend of soy wax and coconut, and we triple-scented it with the highest quality essential oils. We never use dyes, paraffin, phthalates, or parabens. Our focus is luxury and quality.

Your candle will come in a beautiful glass jar placed inside a custom-designed Aroma-sthesia® collector’s box.

Indications for Use

The lidocaine candle is best for people who … 

  • Just got an urgent email from their supervisor
  • Had their mother-in-law show up unexpectedly
  • Walked into a kitchen disaster right after cleaning it

Lidocaine candles are not recommended for people who … 

  • Hate massages
  • Have a trust fund and never have to work
  • Think telling someone to “calm down” actually helps

Approximate burn time: 60 hours

Directions for Use

When using this product, you may …

  • Brew a cup of tea
  • Close your eyes and imagine strolling through a fresh flower market in Paris
  • Stop checking your work emails

Directions for children under six: Please do not light candles, so you don’t get any boo-boos.

Sales Information

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of all lidocaine candles will be donated to The Family Place

All of our Aroma-sthesia® candles are made in the USA. 

All sales are final.

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I LOVE TIffany’s Aroma-sthesia candles! They are high-quality candles, smell great, last a long time, and have great packaging. She offers an array of scents that never disappoint.  The candles not only smell amazing, but I love the catchy, clever medication names and tag lines too.  They make great conversation pieces when entertaining, and they make great gifts too. I am a REALTOR in Dallas, and I love them so much, I give Aroma-sthesia gift sets to my real estate clients for referrals and closing gifts.  My clients love them!  PS:  Try the wine too!

Lance Blann

I first discovered aromasthesia during the pandemic where Dr. Moon released her propofol candle. As soon as I started burning it, it felt like heaven on earth. Like so many of you, I’m extremely busy and even though I’ve tried other candles in the past, nothing compares to Dr. Moons. I have ordered most of her scents and they are all exquisite. From earthy to floral, there is a little something for everyone. Be ready to be transported to another world as you breathe in these amazing aromas. The scent will linger about 3 days in the room. After a stressful day, I love to burn these candles and instantly I’m in this feeling of bliss. All her candles have these little sayings that automatically perk me up. They are so witty and they do work. I love candles and these are the cream of the crop. From feeling like I’m enjoying a tropical drink on the beach to helping get rid of migraines, I have yet to find a scent that I don’t like because they are all so refreshing.

Daphne Barr