About Us

Aromasthesia Candle Company was created by Dr. Tiffany Moon as a way to express her creativity and combine her love for aromatherapy and anesthesia to make "Aroma-sthesia." Tiffany is a candle connoisseur and has been obsessed with candles since her teens, when she would save up her babysitting money to buy candles. To this day, if she is home and not asleep, there will be a candle burning!!

Tiffany loves to associate scents with behaviors and memories, so she created her line by categorizing her candles into energizing, relaxing, and festive scents. The candles are also categorized into clean/fresh, fruity, floral, gourmand, and woodsy/earthy scent categories. (Can you tell she's a little OCD here?) 

Each candle is hand-poured in Dallas and is made from a premium blend of essential oils and soy wax without paraffin, phthalates, or parabens. Each candle comes in a custom Aromasthesia Box and gift wrapping is available if you're buying this for someone else. 

Dr. Moon often says that "laughter is the best medicine," so she tried to bring a bit of her humor to her candles. Each candle has a tagline- for example, lidocaine is for “humans who need some numbing” and botulinum (aka botox) is for “humans who frown too much.” Each candle also includes indications for use such as “If you have a boss named Karen” or "If you've ever been told you have an RBF" and potential side effects such as “You may find yourself opening up a bottle of wine” on the back label. We hope that these candles will not only light up your home with a lovely scent, but also bring a smile to your face.

A portion of proceeds benefit The Family Place, the largest provider of domestic violence services in Texas, and the AAPI Fund.