Alprazolam Candle (Jasmine Bamboo)

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For humans who are anxious.




Couldn't we all use a bit more serenity? This alprazolam candle (also known as the Xanax candle) will give you just that. Light it and prepare for 'serenity now.'  

Alprazolam (Xanax) Candle Ingredients

The active ingredient is serenity

Inactive ingredients include:

  • Rays of light shining through a bamboo forest
  • The sweet smell of jasmine flowers

Aroma-sthesia candles are created from the highest quality ingredients available. The Xanax candle is a 10 oz. premium blend of coconut and soy wax that is triple-scented with essential oils. No paraffin. No phthalates. No paraben. Just unadulterated luxury and impeccable quality.

Our Xanax candle comes in a glass jar and includes a custom-designed Aroma-sthesia® collector’s box.

Indications for Use

The Xanax candle is best for people who: 

  • Have their least favorite co-worker swing by their desk
  • Are hoping the check they just wrote will clear
  • Have a long commute & a hint of road rage

Xanax candles are not recommended for people who: 

  • Never worry about anything
  • Are described as “happy-go-lucky” by everyone they know
  • Have never had insomnia

Approximate burn time: 60 hours

Directions for Use

When using our Xanax candle, you may … 

  • Stop feeling like a chicken with your head cut off
  • Decide to give meditation another try
  • Feel your blood pressure and heart rate come down a bit

Directions for children under six: When you see this candle burning, please go quietly and read a book.

Sales Information

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of all alprazolam candles will be donated to The Family Place

All of our Aroma-sthesia® candles are made in the USA. 

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