Propofol Candle (Rose Currant)

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For humans who need a nap.




This is the OG of the Aromasthesia® Candle Family! This delicate floral aroma with a hint of tart berries will help you relax and unwind. Get ready for a much-needed mental vacation with this propofol candle.

Disclaimer: This product does not contain propofol.

Propofol Candle Ingredients

The active ingredient is tranquility. 

Inactive ingredients include:

  • Rose petals
  • Happy thoughts
  • Grace; and
  • Humor

Our luxury candles are made with the highest quality ingredients available. The propofol candle is a 10 oz. premium blend of coconut and soy wax that is triple-scented with essential oils. No paraffin. No phthalates. No Paraben. Just pure luxury and quality.

It comes in a glass jar and includes a custom-designed Aroma-sthesia® collector’s box.

Indications for Use

The propofol candle is best for people who:

  • Have a high-stakes job
  • Work long hours; or
  • Suffer under a boss named Karen

Propofol candles are not recommended for people who:

  • Are not a member of the species Homo sapiens
  • Enjoy being stressed; or
  • Are allergic to naps

Approximate burn time: 60 hours

Directions for Use

When using this product, you may …

  • Pour yourself a glass of wine
  • Draw a bubble bath
  • Feel a sense of relaxation like you’ve scarcely known before

Directions for children under six: Oh, please. You don’t even know what stress is.

Sales Information

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of all propofol candles will be donated to The Family Place. 

All of our Aroma-sthesia® candles are made in the USA. 

All sales are final.

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